Lagunillas – A district for street art lovers in Málaga

Many people call the district Lagunillas the authentic Soho of Málaga. It is a beautiful local „barrio“, where you can marvel at lots of wall art and other artistic installations on balconies etc. The community of this district speaks up against gentrification and „turistification“ to keep it an affordable place to live and love for locals and to keep the authenticity of this area.

Artsenal – Lovely arts corner en plein air at Malaga's muelle uno

The Artsenal has a nice bar in the harbour area with handmade wooden sofas and chairs surrounded by a really cool exhibition of beautiful contemporary pieces of art (sculptures, paintings, photography, graffiti) made by artists from Andalusia and all over the world. The area especially is vibrant on weekends as they usually organize small concerts (for free) and other events, like Swing dance evenings, poetry or open stage.

Invader in Málaga - Famous street art in Málaga

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„Invader“ is the pseudonym of a famous French urban artist. His work or pixel-art goes back to the1970s–1980s 8-bit video games. His street art can is present in 65 cities in 33 different countries and in 2017 he came to Málaga to spread his creative pixel art all over the city center and in other districts of Málaga.

So keep your eyes wide open on your Malaga trip or holidays and you will be surprised by the many artworks you will find especially in the historical city center of Málaga. If you want to check out all of them, you can use this map at the end of this article about Invader in Málaga.

If you choose to join the original and fun Sightseeing Málaga Adventure - An unique GPS Treasure Hunt Tour in the city center of Malaga, you will solve a mysterious task, including one of the Invador art pieces in Málaga.

CAC Museum – Museum of contemporary art in Málaga

(free entry)

Contemporary art lovers mustn’t miss the CAC in Malaga. The museum has a permanent collection comprising around 400 works which have been loaned by private collectors for periods of between three and five years You probably don't like all the pieces of art that are presented but there is bound to be something of your interest as well.

Soho Málaga – Discover Málaga's urban street art

Visiting Soho is a must do in Málaga! Take one hour to wander the beautiful „barrio“ (district) of Soho Málaga and discover stunning architecture, lifestyle bars (Soho Café, Juice bar) and marvel at the varied and colorful graffiti street art you will pass by. The perfect area to take unique holiday photos and experience a local and artistic atmosphere next to the historical city center of Málaga. If you want to know more about the art scene in Málaga, we recommend you to learn about the MAUS project.

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